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Our ability to team up with you immediately, streamline organizational efforts, and boost product, marketing, and sales programs is a distinct advantage in today’s marketplace.

James Dorn


A proven leader with more than 20 years of experience providing transformational growth strategies to global manufacturers, James is a true innovator and results-oriented executive. By forging a “shared vision for growth” within client company structures, he emphasizes the power of streamlining organizations and creating new business models to help increase market share. His philosophy and vision are the architects of our Allies in Growth™ approach.

Drawing upon deep industry knowledge and rigorous data analysis, James can spearhead growth initiatives for both supplier- and client-side teams. A strong team leader and an advocate for integrated partnerships, he has Dorn Group fully formed to be an immediate extension of your team to help boost market presence.

Dan Roglin

Corporate Strategy

Dan is a puzzle solver, the more challenging the better. His skill at industry data analysis helps him put the pieces together to identify and quantify compelling growth opportunities for manufacturers. His unique ability to gather critical information on industry trends, decipher its meaning, and apply that knowledge to corporate strategies is an incredibly valuable resource.

Having provided overall business solutions for some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, Dan has a comprehensive, time-tested perspective on how to achieve growth. The puzzle is completed when he sees how Dorn’s insights and strategies have changed the ways manufacturers think and talk about themselves, and the growth transformation comes to life.

J Schneider

Product Strategy

As a highly skilled product strategist with a passion for treading new ground, J is constantly on the search for untapped growth opportunities. As an executive with Fortune 150 manufacturer experience, he brings unique, well-informed insights to the table that show manufacturers how they can achieve growth through product analysis and enhancement.

With an unrelenting determination to innovate measurable growth strategies, J is an enthusiastic champion for your products, looking to clear-cut inefficiencies and create an open path to greater product recognition and market share. His 25 years of experience have made him a sought-after speaker for hundreds of global events related to marketing, product development, segmentation, strategy and change management—all with a focus of maximizing growth and profit.

Matt Troy

Marketing Strategy

As a critical thinker and strategic marketer, Matt is constantly surveying the manufacturing landscape from the ground up. He captures experiences in the field to help fuel his analyses of customer preference and competitive behavior, and provides an experienced outlook on how successful manufacturing industry leaders have honed their marketing campaigns to increase profitability.

Matt has a unique talent for identifying growth opportunities by analyzing both real-life scenarios and complex industry data. This helps him formulate the goals a client should strive for, how to compete, and how to implement new strategies. His marketing nirvana comes in the form of a well-planned, customer-centric marketing initiative designed to help you reach new audiences—and new levels of growth.

Jim Perdue

Sales Enablement Strategy

Jim is a dynamic sales enabler and skilled problem solver who works closely with manufacturing teams to help them continually expand their sales performance goals. Experienced in both direct and channel sales, his vision is to help your team become a high-velocity sales engine with the components of salespeople, marketers, and facilitators all running smoothly.

Meeting customers’ expectations is central to Jim’s blueprint for sustainable growth. With a robust capacity for translating real-world observations into buyer insights and preferences, he can work alongside your team as a voice of the customer—a readily available resource to help accelerate growth and profitability. Your team won’t lack for the information, content, and tools they need to sell more effectively.

Neil Ruffolo

Systems Strategy

With a deep-rooted passion for creating powerful, across-the-business user experience (UX) strategies, Neil has helped companies amplify their products in the digital world for more than 25 years. He is a strong believer in the “80/20” rule, where 80% of digital results come from 20% of its users. That’s why he is constantly pursuing the most efficient systems strategies that will help deliver the greatest impact to manufacturers.

A wealth of knowledge and leadership in the tech arena, Neil stresses simplicity and tangible results when helping clients develop and implement digital strategies. He brings a keen understanding of how paid, owned, and earned channels must work in unison to achieve measurable, sustainable growth.

Manufacturing affiliations

Our team is active with industry events, research and networking to stay in touch with the latest trends and factors influencing the manufacturing industry.

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