Winning Back Dominant Market Share with Enhanced Customer Value

Client Profile

Safe Reflections Inc. (SRI) is a leading supplier of retroreflective solutions for a wide range of work apparel applications. For more than 30-years they have enhanced safety for people working in low-light conditions. In that time they have also earned a reputation for product innovation and unmatched durability.

The Challenge

The newly appointed CEO at SRI was tasked with increasing enterprise value by course correcting the firm’s strategic direction and ability to scale. Dorn was selected to develop the strategy and processes needed to achieve this growth vision.

Evolution To Growth

Dorn helped SRI develop and execute a strategic growth plan targeting high-value customer segments with higher-margin products. This approach allowed the SRI team to unify innovation, resources and activities into a single direction — delivering greater value to customers. The product offering was consolidated to gain adoption around new innovation and reduce operational complexity. Sales and marketing activities were integrated into targeted programs designed around creating pipeline.

Product Strategy

  • Voice of customer
  • Product line structure
  • Pricing
  • Value propositions
  • Product Packaging
  • New product launch commercialization

Marketing Strategy

  • Market research and strategy
  • Brand architecture and strategy
  • Visual brand language
  • Demand generation
  • Website Product Catalog
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Analytics and dashboarding

Sales Strategy

  • Two and three step sales enablement strategy
  • Virtual sales engagement

To maximize enterprise value, SRI also needed to enhanced their corporate value proposition by showcasing their reputation for and ongoing commitment to innovation. By highlighting SRI’s total value as a partner, Dorn was able to install a full corporate-to-product story that aligned with the company’s core values and end-user needs.


Within one year of the partnering with Dorn, SRI saw revenue increase more than 40%, a 600% increase in gross margin and a 300% increase in EBITDA. The strategic growth plan allowed SRI to drive growth around high-margin products, rationalize its product offering and operational complexity, introduce new innovation, optimize sales & marketing performance and deliver new value to customers.

Growth In Action

“We could have tried to do it on our own, but it would have taken about a year. By working together with Dorn, we hit the ground running and gained a leadership position in the marketplace.”

— Joel Fruendt, CEO, Safe Reflections