For your product, sales, and marketing teams to reach their greatest potential, they need an integrated roadmap for success. We can help make sure your product strategy is in line with your overall growth vision. How? By providing comprehensive strategies for bringing your products to market in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Our nimble team can align with yours in a shared goal of maximizing return on each of your products.

Product Commercialization

Tired of forecasting growth from new products – only to have those products never actually produce the revenue you need them to?

We can help you launch new products in ways that will create a gut-level connection with your customers through the implementation of dynamic positioning strategies.

Product Voice of Customer

Often times, manufacturers see product development through the lens of what’s possible from an engineering feasibility standpoint. Unfortunately, that’s not always what customers want.

Our voice-of-customer research will help you see your products from the buyer’s perspective—extremely valuable when developing new products and service offerings.

Product Pricing

The right product, positioned the right way, to the right audience may still not be enough to ensure profitable margin contribution from your best-selling products.

Expert pricing analysis will help determine your price premiums to make sure you’re utilizing well-targeted goals and strategies when bringing products to market.

Product Lifecycle Management & Rationalization

We see a lot of manufacturers who waste working capital on inventory that doesn’t have a chance to be sold profitably.

Our analysis of your current product portfolio can help determine the best ways to manage stagnant products and minimize the cost of unsold inventory.

Project Management

Whether product management in your organization has P&L responsibility or not, there are many things great product managers can do to ensure profitability and growth from your product function.

As we do with all solutions in our multi-disciplinary approach, Dorn is structured to work alongside your team to offer any form of support with product management.

“Dorn helped us align our teams and activities to effectively change the conversation with our channel partners and end-users. It is no small coincidence we are experiencing our best year ever.”
— Ben Wulf
CEO, Portacool

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“We set out to redefine new product launches at an organizational level to more effectively capture return on invested capital. The results set a new standard for our product, marketing and sales teams.”
— Robert Varzino
GM, JPW Industries

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