Aligning our team with yours in pursuit of growth and profitability

A shared vision for growth. It starts with a methodology specifically designed for manufacturers and distributors and how they are structured. It mandates a strong alignment between company leadership to streamline how they bring products and solutions to market. Teams and processes become better organized so they can focus more intently on building customer value. Ultimately, Allies in Growth™ empowers manufacturers and distributors to outpace the competition and become more profitable.

Shared Vision for Growth

Allies in growthTM for manufacturers and distributors

Corporate Strategy

We can help you build or refine a corporate strategy that accelerates organic and inorganic growth to deliver long-term value creation for your organization.

Product Strategy

Product Development, Category Management and Commercialization provide the lifeblood for your sales and marketing teams to excel. We help make sure your product and category strategy is in line with your overall growth vision. If it’s not, we can provide vision and tactical assistance to maximize the return on each of your products.

Pricing Optimization

Elevate your competitive edge by crafting customized pricing strategies tailored to your unique market position.

Marketing Strategy

The role of marketing is changing and we’re leading the way in helping manufacturers drive demand through strategic, integrated approaches that maximize customer value.

Category Management

Maximize the profitability of your strategic business agreements (SBAs) with manufacturer partners through expert negotiation and management.

Inventory Optimization

Unleash the power of your inventory investment to fuel customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Sales Strategy

As B2B buying processes continue to change and the role of sales people continues to evolve along with them, we help build sales strategies to maximize the return on your direct headcount as well as empower your distributor sales partners to sell more effectively on your behalf.

Systems Strategy

Technology and systems continue to play a larger role in building value in manufacturing organizations. Developing a systems strategy that considers the needs of sales, marketing and product is essential to sustaining growth well into the future.

“Dorn’s expertise helped our team accelerate and amplify adoption of our products in a new market.”

— Stephen Laratta, VP Industrial Supply, Georgia-Pacific Professional