Serving manufacturing leadership teams pursuing market-leading growth

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Typical client profile

Go-to-market path

We work with manufacturers that sell direct, through distribution or a combination of both.


MFG > Distributor > End User


MFG > End User


MFG > End User
MFG > Distributor > End User

Key characteristics

Product Offering

Tools, equipment, machinery, commodities, systems, capital equipment


Distributors, wholesale, buying groups, eCommerce


Industrial, MRO, automotive, construction, food processing, military, government, energy

Sales Force

Direct, sales agencies, distributor sales reps

Annual Revenue

$50M – $300M in annual revenue for the organization or business unit

Selling Environment

Range from reordering products to complex solutions involving numerous decision makers


National and international

Engagement Scope

Our minimum engagement is $25K with most clients ranging from $240K – $600K annually

Challenges we help manufacturing leaders overcome


  • Establish a vision for sustainable growth among leadership teams
  • Align the efforts of product, marketing and sales teams to elevate customer value
  • Differentiate your reputation for quality from the competition
  • Streamline organizational efforts through highly efficient, turn-key growth initiatives
  • Develop a company culture of excellence around your brand identity
  • Amplify the power of your brand while capturing new market share


  • Provide comprehensive strategies to help maximize return on new product launches
  • Determine best ways to avoid stagnation and minimize cost of unsold inventory
  • Create emotional connections with customers through dynamic positioning strategies
  • Utilize expert pricing analysis to make sure you’re hitting well-targeted goals
  • Conduct voice-of-customer research to see your products from buyers’ perspective


  • Identify segmentation strategies that will capitalize on growth opportunities
  • Create a competitive advantage by magnifying your value for customers
  • Capture digital feedback to measure market performance and readjust accordingly
  • Deploy targeted, account-based marketing strategies and best practices
  • Cultivate thought leadership content to influence buyer behavior
  • Create compelling, engaging events that maximize customer interaction


  • Create customized, highly effective sales support techniques to help close deals
  • Utilize engagement analyses to help you speak more clearly to customer needs
  • Mobilize your organizational value to enhance channel sales efforts
  • Emphasize lifetime customer value when targeting growth opportunities
  • Generate buyer preference insights that help target buyers more effectively
  • Optimize CRM lead management process to convert leads into customers