Deep analyses of market conditions, competitors, and internal operations are the tools Dorn uses to cut a clear path to growth. Working together, our teams will clarify exactly what’s needed to deliver superior customer value and accelerate profitability. The end result will be a turn-key process for streamlining resources more effectively and leveraging the full potential of your product, marketing, sales and service teams.

Growth Visioning and Strategic Planning

In organizations full of high-performing, growth-minded leaders, agreeing on a vision for how to grow the organization is of upmost importance.

By aligning leadership more efficiently to develop a unified vision for growth, Dorn helps to identify the best opportunities for capturing new market share.

M&A Strategy and Integration

Mergers and acquisitions can be a catalyst for substantial growth and establish a company as a leader in its industry.

Our comprehensive approach covers all stages of the M&A process, from strategy to post-integration, with expert support in market intelligence, target identification, valuation, diligence, and deal execution for a seamless M&A experience.

Product, Marketing and Sales Alignment

Often times, aligning the revenue generating functions of an organization – product, sales & marketing – is harder than it seems.

We’ll help you modernize how your product, marketing and sales team emphasize superior customer value and bring your offerings to market in a way that maximize value.

Brand Architecture and Strategy

As companies grow – both organically and inorganically – brand architecture and strategy often times has to evolve along with it to keep up.

Our leadership will work side-by-side with your team to help amplify the power for your entire brand portfolio and make sure it’s structured in such a way to optimize the value of your entire platform.

Market Intelligence and Customer Segmentation

Where are the largest potential growth areas, and how do you effectively identify which ones to target first?

Our deep industry background is invaluable when monitoring market conditions and pinpointing segments that best suit your company’s best potential for growth.

Competitive Analysis

Not all growth opportunities are the same – especially with staunch, mature competitors vying for the same customer base and the same market share.

Our penchant for data analysis helps us dig deep to find the ‘why’ behind buyer preferences so you can outmaneuver your competition.

Go-To-Market Strategy

In an era where product differentiation is harder than ever, how you choose to go to market can be a defining characteristic to help you win in the marketplace.

Together, we’ll define your product, marketing and sales plans more precisely so that all teams are sharing the same approach to winning new customers.

“Dorn helped us align our teams and activities to effectively change the conversation with our channel partners and end-users. It is no small coincidence we are experiencing our best year ever.”
— Ben Wulf
CEO, Portacool

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“We set out to redefine new product launches at an organizational level to more effectively capture return on invested capital. The results set a new standard for our product, marketing and sales teams.”
— Robert Varzino
GM, JPW Industries

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