We know you’re looking to create stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers. That’s why our marketing team is laser-focused on helping you build a competitive advantage by showing how your products can improve your customers’ world. We’ll help you drive demand through strategic, integrated marketing strategies that accentuate customer value as a means to greater profitability.

Market Research & Strategy

Every executive knows the importance of growth to sustain a viable company, but how confident are you that you know exactly where your growth is going to come from, and how you’re going to catalyze it?

If you’re looking to build momentum in new markets, our modernized market research strategies will help you identify and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Demand Generation & Nurturing

Organizations that experience steady growth have well-performing sales people that capture a high percentage of sales opportunities. Organizations that grow rapidly are those that augment the efforts of their sales team by creating demand for their products and services.

We can align with your sales team to generate proactive, customized marketing campaigns that build demand for your products and nurture prospective customers.

Customer Engagement

It’s one thing to have a database with a million records. It’s another thing completely to have names of buyers who are customers that are actively engaged with your company and its brands.

Our customer engagement programs strategize the emotional connection between your brand and prospective customers in order to continuously cultivate new leads.

Digital, Social & Media

Five years ago, you might have felt good to have a well-developed social plan, a digital presence and some digital media savvy. But that was five years ago, and merely covering the basics isn’t going to drive growth in today’s marketplace.

We capture and analyze data from the digital world to help translate online activities into offline customer preferences, measuring your market performance and readjusting as needed.

Content & Communications

Marketing has evolved well beyond serving merely as a support function for your sales or product development functions – but supporting those functions is still a key ingredient to fuel growth.

Day in and day out, your organization depends on collateral that consistently delivers your value proposition. Our team can help bring this content to life.

Event & In-Store Marketing

With the advent of so many new digital capabilities, it’s easy for manufacturers to overlook the importance of engaging the customer in-store or at key events.

We combine our long-standing industry history with new, innovative growth strategies to help you make a strong impression at in-person events. There’s still no substitute for personal interaction when selling your business.

“Dorn helped us align our teams and activities to effectively change the conversation with our channel partners and end-users. It is no small coincidence we are experiencing our best year ever.”
— Ben Wulf
CEO, Portacool

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“We set out to redefine new product launches at an organizational level to more effectively capture return on invested capital. The results set a new standard for our product, marketing and sales teams.”
— Robert Varzino
GM, JPW Industries

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