In today’s markets, systems strategies for manufacturers need to be modernized so they can leverage the power of online marketing trends. Our rigorous market analysis and digital prowess can help you develop systems approaches that will attract key customers and help your sales, marketing, and product teams build sustainable growth.

Website & eCommerce

Your website is the online representation of your business, brand, and value proposition. Is it an accurate demonstration of the value you provide to both your end users and channel partners as they experience your brand?

We can make sure you convey excellence seamlessly across all digital environments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is both a mindset as well as systems that help facilitate that mindset throughout your organization.

We can help integrate a robust CRM system into the fabric of your company’s operations, promotions, sales, and follow-up procedures with your database of contacts.

Email & Marketing Automation

Automated email and marketing systems are extremely valuable tools for identifying prospective buyers and delivering the information they need to make informed decisions.

Our experts can help you extract the most value from your email and marketing automation tools in order to drive growth.

Product Information & Master Data Management

As you grow, the quality of your product information and data management becomes increasingly important to deliver a consistent experience for those who encounter your brand and its offerings.

We can help you streamline your master data and product information strategies so that you’re sure to create more meaningful customer engagement through efficient data management.

Where to Buy

Where-to-buy optimization is an important growth accelerator on your website that helps provide valuable internal insight into where buyers prefer to shop for both you and your channel partners.

We can help build this B2B capability to help convert business with your best distributors.

Analytics & Dashboarding

It’s no secret that business is in an era of ‘Big Data’ and an increased importance on analytics is top of mind. But, do you know what data to be monitoring that will actually grow your business?

We can help you capture – and visualize – Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data to help you form better digital strategies and grow your bottom line.

“Dorn helped us align our teams and activities to effectively change the conversation with our channel partners and end-users. It is no small coincidence we are experiencing our best year ever.”
— Ben Wulf
CEO, Portacool

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“We set out to redefine new product launches at an organizational level to more effectively capture return on invested capital. The results set a new standard for our product, marketing and sales teams.”
— Robert Varzino
GM, JPW Industries

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