Panel: Build First-Cost Position to Create Win-Win Supplier Relationships

In this 2023 Profitability Summit panel discussion, James Dorn and John Gunderson host industry experts sharing insights and experiences on how wholesale distributors and their supplier partners can create win-win relationships through first-cost advantage and customer stratification. They discuss the importance of collaboration, communication and transparency in building strong partnerships, as well as practical tips for identifying and segmenting customers to maximize profitability.

Learn how to build successful and sustainable relationships that benefit manufacturers and distributors from Jim Biel, VP Category Management, Blackhawk Industrial, Marty Rossman, Director of Marketing, R.S. Hughes, and Jeanne Stark VP of Marketing Intermatic.

2023 Profitability Summit Sessions Free On-Demand

Watch the 2023 Profitability Summit sessions on cutting-edge pricing and profitability strategies for wholesale distributors and manufacturers, co-hosted by Modern Distribution Management (MDM) and the Dorn Group.

The world of pricing and profitability has changed forever – Supply chain, inflation, AI and more have rewritten the rules. Learn the best practices, emerging innovations, impacts of AI and other technologies that your peers are leveraging to expand margins today. The insights of leading experts, solution providers and high-performance practitioners who are pushing data science, technology and street-level wisdom to win share and outperform in turbulent markets.

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