A Step-by-Step Roadmap for Successfully Integrating an Add-On Acquisition with Your Platform Manufacturing Company

By James Dorn, President

Manufacturing companies are increasingly pursuing inorganic strategies as a way to aggressively fuel growth. Add-on acquisitions comprise one of the most common inorganic approaches for both independently owned and private equity-backed firms alike. This increasingly prevalent growth strategy involves buying one or more smaller manufacturing firms and integrating them into a larger platform company. The goal is to scale with smaller-sized, synergistic companies consisting of adjacent product offerings and market share. This approach fuels rapid growth, but the process of commercially integrating an add-on acquisition is complicated — and the stakes for success are high.

In this white paper, we’ll give you a step-by-step roadmap for successfully integrating an add-on acquisition to your platform manufacturing company. This includes:

  • General guidelines for approaching an add-on integration
  • Enterprise value: how to go from value preservation to value creation over the course of an integration
  • A commercial integration roadmap for successfully integrating an add-on acquisition

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