The Benefits of B2B Voice of Audience Research Is your company betting on random anecdotal feedback to make big decisions? When done right, voice of audience research provides the solid [...]

The Benefits of B2B Voice of Audience Research2023-01-24T14:13:19-06:00

Building Better Customer Moats How can channel partner collaboration increase customer loyalty and share-of-wallet? Watch J Schneider and James Dorn discuss how innovative B2B suppliers and [...]

Building Better Customer Moats2023-01-05T16:29:20-06:00

Rightsizing Innovation for the Enterprise J Schneider, managing director of the consulting practice at Dorn Group, answers the questions 'What does innovation mean today?', 'Why is it [...]

Rightsizing Innovation for the Enterprise2021-11-17T16:49:37-06:00